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Turkey’s Interior Minister Soylu donates plasma to Kızılay

Turkey’s Interior Minister Soylu donates plasma to Kızılay

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who was infected with the coronavirus but recovered last month, donated plasma to the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) Tuesday.

The minister joined a growing number of recovered patients looking to contribute to the complementary therapy for others infected.

Speaking to reporters after his donation at a Red Crescent center in the capital Ankara, Soylu recounted his battle and offered advice on protection. “I thought I was knocked out when I tested positive. This is a disease where the path to recovery has many curves. You think you are better but then, the road takes a sudden turn,” he said.

The minister added that downplaying the disease and the outbreak was “more dangerous than the pandemic itself” as he saw and witnessed in people he knew. “It has different effects on different people. Sometimes, you see otherwise perfectly healthy people hit hard,” he said.

Furthering his boxing analogy, the minister said the virus was like a boxer who knew all the weak points of his opponent and attacked those. “We should never underestimate it and drop our guard. We should never abandon measures advised by health care professionals and never act carelessly. This is a disease that you can go through with little effect (on your body) or by suffering very much,” he warned.