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Turkey’s TIKA delivers equipment to South Sudan farmers, beekeepers

Turkey’s TIKA delivers equipment to South Sudan farmers, beekeepers

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) provided material support Monday to poultry farmers and beekeepers in South Sudan’s capital, Juba.

Two solar incubators with a 500-egg capacity each, 1,500 chick ovaries, feed, water bowls and various vaccines were provided to chicken farmers in co-operation with the South Sudan Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and the Support Peace Initiative Development Organization, according to a statement by TIKA.

As part of the project, 300 beehives for beekeepers and clothing used in beekeeping as well as various types of equipment were also provided.

The coops, hives and equipment were delivered during a ceremony attended by South Sudan’s Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Onyoti Adigo, Turkey’s Ambassador to South Sudan Tugrul Biltekin, TIKA’s Juba Program Office Deputy Coordinator Turgut Gazigil and NGO representatives.

Speaking at the ceremony, Adigo said the project is very valuable for farmers in the country, and assistance for production is also very important in an economic sense.

The minister, who said TIKA was always with them, expressed his satisfaction with the projects organized so far.

Ambassador Biltekin also stressed the importance of assistance to South Sudanese farmers and projects for production.

He said aid has become even more important due to the economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic and that Turkey has always been on the side of the people of South Sudan.