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Turkish company to produce 1.5 billion surgical masks monthly

Turkish company to produce 1.5 billion surgical masks monthly

A Turkish company on Friday announced that it will increase its mask production capacity from 75 million units to 300 million within two weeks and to 1.5 billion in two months.

According to the company, Global Mask, it aims to contribute to Turkey’s fight against the virus by producing fully ultrasonic, hygienic and untouched masks with 100% indigenous machines.

“All stuff in this facility such as screws, wall paint, floor coverings and thermometers were made in Turkey,” said Ugur Akkus, the CEO of the firm.

Akkus said it will be the world’s largest mask production facility established without using even a single imported material.

He explained that with the onset of the outbreak in China, they started to examine machines coming from China and made a decision on producing the same machines in Turkey.

“10 machines were manufactured in 15 days,” he said, adding the company will start operating with 200 machines.

Highlighting that the machines made in Turkey are much better than those in other countries, Akkus said: “While other machines in the world produce 80-100 masks per minute, these machines produce 200 units.”

The CEO said there is a high demand for masks from several countries, including the US, Sweden, Ukraine and Bahrain.

He said the firm will start producing 1.5 billion surgical masks on a monthly basis once it makes necessary contracts with the countries.

The company currently produces 2.5 million masks per day and 75 million masks per month with 10 machines.

“With 200 machines, we will be able to produce 50 million masks per day,” he added.