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Turkish COVID-19 vaccine Turkovac effective against delta variant

Turkish COVID-19 vaccine Turkovac effective against delta variant

Studies on the effectiveness of the Turkish-made COVID-19 vaccine, Turkovac, against the dangerous delta variant continue in Turkey, said Mustafa Çalış, rector of the Erciyes University, where the jab was developed.

“We have isolated the delta strain and are studying the effectiveness of the vaccine against this variant of the coronavirus. The tests are carried out both on transgenic mice and on volunteers,” he said.

Çalış recalled that earlier, as a result of tests, the Turkish vaccine Turkovac against the alpha strain had been proven to be 100% effective.

After that, the vaccine developer Professor Aykut Ozdarendeli and his team began research on the efficacy against the delta strain, Çalış said.

“I hope that the tests will be completed in the very near future. We expect the vaccine to be effective against this strain as well as against the alpha variant. Our team is working efficiently, perhaps in a month we will be able to share the results,” said the rector.

Çalış recalled that the Turkovac vaccine, developed by Erciyes University in cooperation with the Health Institute under the Turkish Ministry of Health (TÜSEB), is in the third stage of clinical trials.

The vaccine is being tested on volunteers at several centers.

“Our employees are also monitoring the progress of clinical trials. The process is progressing well. We invite unvaccinated citizens to volunteer for Turkovac’s research, ”Çalış said.