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Turkish electric tractor ready for mass production

Turkish electric tractor ready for mass production

The development of a Turkish-made, king-size electric tractor has been completed, and the locally developed vehicle will be mass-produced as of June, the company’s head announced Monday.

“We have 25 tractors ready and waiting on our assembly line,” said Önder Yol, the chairperson of ZY Electric Tractor.

The company has already received pre-orders and sold a significant number of units, Yol told Anadolu Agency (AA) Monday.

The project has been carried out jointly with public lender Ziraat Bank. It was expected to pass onto the mass production phase by the end of 2020 but was disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yol explained that three types of tractors are currently being used in the country, namely garden, middle and large versions, noting they will be developing electric tractors suitable for their area of use.

The small version will have up to 140 horsepower and will be suitable for garden work and in the areas where the middle-size tractors can be used.

“These tractors can be charged in about 20 minutes and run for up to five hours,” Yol noted.

Middle-sized tractors usually have engines with up to 105 horsepower, he said, adding that their machines feature up to 220 horsepower.