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Turkish Technic opens biggest base maintenance hangars in Istanbul

Turkish Technic opens biggest base maintenance hangars in Istanbul

Turkey’s flag carrier Turkish Airlines’ subsidiary Turkish Technic completed construction of its new hangars, the largest in Turkey, at Istanbul Airport, said the company in a statement on Saturday.

Considering the new base as a new milestone of the company’s success stories, General Manager of Turkish Technic Ahmet Karaman said: “Believing that Istanbul Airport is the new aviation hub of Turkey and the world, we maximize the technical services we provide here with such investments.”

“Upon the completion of all phases in our MRO [Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul] complex consisting of environmental-friendly structures, we will be able to provide maintenance services to 45 aircraft simultaneously,” he added.

The hangars are an important part of the aircraft MRO complex, being the first base maintenance hangars at the airport, and ready to welcome its domestic and international customers, according to the statement of Turkish Technic.

With an indoor area of 60,000 square meters (around 14.8 acres), the new complex has the distinction of housing the largest hangars in Turkey.

It can provide services to three wide-body and six narrow-body aircraft simultaneously.

Turkish Technic gives a high priority to the environment and aspires to achieve sustainability in all its activities. The hangars will meet their water needs through rainwater harvesting and solar energy is going to be utilized as a part of the energy source, the statement noted.

Also, the translucent polycarbonate panels used in the hangars allow the benefits of sunlight for a longer time, while waste oil taken out from aircraft tanks enables the heating system to run on recycled fuel.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, all elements in and around the facility are managed by smart automation systems, it added.