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Vaccination drive against COVID-19 reduced severity of cases in Turkey

Vaccination drive against COVID-19 reduced severity of cases in Turkey

The head of the Turkish Intensive Care Association Ismail Cinel says that although they do not have concrete data, it is obvious that people who have received two doses of the vaccine are less likely to need intensive care treatment. “This is crystal clear. We also see people injected with two doses recover from mild cases,” he underlined.

Turkey ranks seventh in the world in the number of vaccinations administered, four months after it started administering the first doses. So far, more than 24.7 million people have received their first doses and more than 10 million have received two doses, as of Friday.

Cinel told Demirören News Agency (DHA) Friday that the number of people in intensive care units was decreasing slower than the number of new cases. “We see the cases dropping to around 26,000 from almost 60,000 but this decline is not reflected in intensive care cases yet. Yet, we have seen a 10% decline in the number of patients in need of intensive care. Previously, occupancy of intensive care units was around 72% in Istanbul (the city where the most cases are being reported). This was actually 100% for us as you have to keep beds ready for any possible surge in cases and for any patient who may relapse into a worse situation. Now, we are seeing, although slowly, beds being emptied, one by one,” he said. For Cinel, the second dose of vaccines played a role in this. “This is a time we should mobilize for vaccination. Any delay may give time for new variants to take hold. We suggest everyone who is in the vaccine category get inoculated,” he said.