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Water lilies in Lake Beyşehir attract photographers and travelers

Water lilies in Lake Beyşehir attract photographers and travelers

A field of water lillies on the central Anatolian plains of Konya, covering an area of approximately 8,000 square meters (86,111 square feet) on Lake Beyşehir, has been attracting many photographers and travelers, pandemic or not.

To top it off, the water lilies are surrounded by picturesque views of the natural landscape, from the Taurus Mountains to their south and west, the volcanic Mount Erenler to their east and Mount Anamas and the Sultan Mountains to their west. There are also three beaches around Lake Beyşehir spanning approximately 656 square kilometers (253 square miles), where fishermen go about their day, patiently waiting for the catch of the day.

At sunrise, the water lilies blooming on Lake Beyşehir’s waters rise to the surface and disappear underwater in the afternoon, making them all the more fascinating for visitors.

Many local fishermen provide transportation to the area via their fishing boats. Ibrahim Erdoğan, a local fisherman at the lake and also the manager of the Beyşehir Photography Club, told Demirören News Agency (DHA): “This is my childhood home. It offers a scenic floral view that lasts three to four months a year, between May and August when they reach full bloom. We always come across this view while fishing and (are lucky to) have the opportunity to watch it.”

“We visited this place as a photography club and tourism association with a few friends. We photographed this place and shared our images on social media,” Erdoğan said.

The water lilies are under conservatory protection in Lake Beyşehir. Therefore, any act of destruction or plucking of the lilies will be penalized by a fine of TL 73,000 ($9,920) – an expensive mistake, indeed.

Beyşehir Culture and Tourism Association President Mustafa Büyükkafalı said: “There are three types of water lilies, the white and yellow ones, which are common in general. The flower is a beauty that is forbidden to pluck and is under preservation.”