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The sky over Cappadocia was decorated with hot air balloons

The sky over Cappadocia was decorated with hot air balloons

The 3rd Cappadocia International Balloon Festival (BALONFEST 2022) is taking place in the Göreme National Park of the Nevsehir province in central Turkey.

On the second day of the festival, shaped balloons from different countries, including the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Spain, North Macedonia and Slovenia, took to the skies over Göreme.

Figured balls in the form of a windmill, a frog, a rocket, a heart and in the colors of the Turkish flag attracted the interest of local and foreign tourists.

The flight over the fireplaces of the fairies (“peribajalars”) lasted about 40 minutes with landing at different points.

Yusuf Bayram also came to see the colorful show at the festival site with the children. “We got a visual treat. My wife and kids love balloons. Figured balloons also attracted our attention,” the man told the Anadolu agency.

Gulcin Tug and her friends arrived in Göreme early in the morning to admire the figured balloons.

The girl expressed her hope that the festival will be held in the coming years.

“There is a pleasant atmosphere here. Cappadocia is already very beautiful. And balloons will decorate the sky. We advise everyone to come to Cappadocia to experience these wonderful moments,” she added.