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Turkey to begin administering local Turkovac vaccine as booster dose

Turkey to begin administering local Turkovac vaccine as booster dose

The Turkish government website e-Nabız has begun receiving applications from volunteers for the third dose of the domestic COVID-19 vaccine, Turkovac.

Applications began after Health Minister Fahrettin Koca urged Turkish residents who received the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to receive the third booster dose of the Turkovac vaccine developed by Turkish scientists.

Those wishing to volunteer for the Turkovac booster dose will be selected from among citizens aged 18-59 who have received two doses of the vaccine and have recovered from COVID-19.

Those wishing to be vaccinated with Turkovac vaccine should log on to enabiz.gov.tr ​​and select the “Aşı Çalışması İçin Gönüllü Ol” (Become a Vaccine Research Volunteer) button.

Applicants who meet all the criteria for participation in the vaccine research will be informed on the e-Nabız website.

The booster dose of Turkovac vaccine will be administered at 41 medical centers, mainly city hospitals. Residents of all parts of Turkey can become volunteers.

In order to launch the serial production of the domestic vaccine Turkovac, the participation of at least 3,000 volunteers is required.


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