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Turkey’s Initial Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Although precautionary measures had prevented coronavirus infections among Turkish citizens for a long time, the Ministry of Health announced on 10 March that a male patient, who had recently been to Europe, had tested positive for COVID-19.

All persons, who came in contact with the patient, were immediately quarantined for observation.

In light of this development, Turkey activated the next phase of its emergency response plan. Its initial objective was to promote voluntary self-isolation among Turkish citizens to slow down and eventually stop new infections.

On 12 March, President Erdoğan chaired a meeting of the country’s top policymakers at the Presidential Complex and authorized steps to flatten the curve.

To ensure transparency and combat disinformation and fake news, the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Info Page of Turkey’s Ministry of Health about confirmed cases and fatalities on a daily basis.

Another key objective of Turkey’s national strategy was to ensure the adequate supply of personal protective equipment and enable the healthcare system to operate to its full capacity.

Turkey took the following steps, among others, to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic’s negative impact on its economy.

In addition to taking those steps, The Directorate of Communications shared regular updates with the population to prevent the spread of baseless claims.