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Türkiye’s tourism revenues may exceed $37 billion in 2022

Türkiye’s tourism revenues may exceed $37 billion in 2022

The daily living expenses of one person in the current tourist season in Türkiye can reach a record $83-84. The goal is to bring this figure to $93.

Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy told reporters about this at an event in Antalya dedicated to the project to protect the cultural heritage of the region.

The head of the department recalled that at the beginning of the tourist season, the goal was to receive 42 million tourists and bring the country’s income from tourism to 35 billion, but the situation was complicated by the war in the Black Sea region.

According to him, Türkiye has taken many steps to reduce the negative impact of this situation.

“First of all, the Tourism Development Agency distinguished itself. Thanks to the advertising campaign initiated by the agency, we set a goal to exceed the announced figures for tourism. Already in August, we announced a new goal – to bring the tourist flow to 47 million people and tourism revenues to $37 billion. And this is not the end goal. I think that there is still time before the end of the year, we have good dynamics with future bookings. I hope we will revise the targets upward again,” the minister said.

At the same time, the head of the department focused on the statistics in Antalya, which, as expected, could suffer from the impact of the conflict in the Black Sea region.

“Last year Antalya received 9 million tourists, I think that by the end of this year this figure will vary from 12 or 13 million people. We see the season getting longer. Usually the slowdown of the season is observed at the end of October. Most likely the current season will last until the end of November. We also hope for a good season in winter,” Ersoy said.