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Türkiye’s tourism sector content with this year’s season

Türkiye’s tourism sector content with this year’s season

Despite the pandemic and Russia’s war against Ukraine, there was a good tourist season this year, said Erkan Yağcı, head of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers Association (AKTOB).

Stating the tourism industry had an intense working process with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and sector stakeholders, Yağcı said, “No success is a coincidence, we put a lot of effort, we worked hard. We were successful. We are in a good position as far as the season goes.”

Yağcı stated that tourism plays an active role in closing the current account deficit in the country’s economy and that it is the lifeline of many sectors.

Pointing out that tourism activity has increased both throughout the country and in Antalya, Yağcı said, “There are strong demands from European countries. We are more hopeful for the future. There is an increase in the number of tourists from Germany, Romania, England, and Poland.”

Yağcı noted that they have successfully overcome the crises, and now the consequences of the crises should be well understood.

Emphasizing once again how important the diversity of the market and product is, Yağcı said, “The problems in the world never end, when one ends, something else begins. We must take all the measures we can take towards this. We are a sector that knows the job, we have a lot of knowledge. We must continue to minimize impacts.”