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COVID-19 in Turkey: Experts urge to follow measures

COVID-19 in Turkey: Experts urge to follow measures

We should not let our guards down during winter and engage in imprudent behavior to avoid the third peak of coronavirus, according to a Turkish doctor.

Dr. Afsin Emre Kayipmaz, a member of Turkey’s Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board, said people should continue to follow measures especially during the winter months and noted there has been an increase in coronavirus infections in Turkey in the past four days.

Kayipmaz told Anadolu Agency that lockdown measures in the last couple of months are a major factor in reducing cases and deaths.

He said the vaccination process for social immunization in Turkey had already started but it was only performed on a part of the society and urged the country to continue to follow measures for a while until the immunity rate would rise.

Kayipmaz stressed that January, February and March were risky for different upper respiratory tract diseases, as well.

“During the winter months, people spend more time indoors, these environments can be badly ventilated, and when crowds gather in these environments, the disease finds the opportunity to spread itself.”