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COVID-19 in Turkey: Sivas locals turn to knitting

COVID-19 in Turkey: Sivas locals turn to knitting

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, people are forced to spend most of their time in their homes and families have exhausted almost all pastime activities. Finding new ways to pass time has been a challenge but for the majority of women in central Turkey’s Sivas province, knitting has been the perfect cure to alleviate boredom while being productive.

The talented women of Sivas have found their calling in knitting and significantly boosted the sales of yarn, as they knit an array of colorful sweaters, baby shoes and various other clothes for themselves and their families. Some have turned the hobby into a source of income by selling the items locally, contributing to the family budget under the COVID-19 pandemic strain in Turkey.

The yarn business in Sivas had been stagnant prior to the pandemic, according to Yıldırım Yalçıner, a local shopkeeper selling knitting supplies.

“Civil servants and women spending more time at home under lockdown reanimated yarn sales,” he told Ihlas News Agency (IHA).

Yalçıner also said that there were various new equipment and yarn types being sold as a result of this rise in popularity. According to Yalçıner, children have become the primary beneficiaries of this new knitting craze.