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Italian boy expresses gratitude to Turkey for coronavirus aid

Italian boy expresses gratitude to Turkey for coronavirus aid

Ernest Gabrielle Scrocchi, a 10-year-old Italian boy who lives in Milan, thanked Turkey for sending medical aid to Italy amid the new coronavirus outbreak.

Scrocchi shared an emotional video message online in which he expressed his gratitude to Turkey as the country’s Ministry of National Defense sent military aircraft full of medical aid such as masks, hazmat suits, goggles and disinfectants to Italy.

“Turks are kind and helpful people. Italy is grateful to the Turks,” Scrocchi said.

In the message the little boy also expressed his worries about the situation in Italy amid the coronavirus outbreak, saying that it has been a month since he started staying home with his family as the number of infected patients continues to grow and government-imposed precaution measures against the disease are implemented.

“I hear ambulance sirens every five minutes. I guess they carry patients. It hurts us. Italy is going through difficult times. The good thing is that other countries are showing their help in such a difficult situation as Italy is now. Turkey is one of these countries,“ he said.

Scrocchi said he visited Turkey several times and every time, he felt at home. He pointed out that Turks and Italians have a lot in common, and that’s why he doesn’t think he would feel the same in any other country.

“I think we have a lot in common. I don’t think I can find a similar place elsewhere. But the city of my heart is Istanbul, because it’s a magical and beautiful city,” Scrocchi said.

“I would like to thank you again for your help and support during these difficult days. Italy is grateful to the Turkish people. Don’t be like us. Please stay home. Let’s defeat this enemy together. There is a light at the end of every darkness. Please Turkey, stay at home,” he added.

After Turkish military aircraft carrying medical aid departed from the capital Ankara Wednesday for Italy and Spain, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio also thanked Turkey for helping his country’s combat the coronavirus.